Overall strategy

The overall strategy to build a community of academic researchers in Beyond CMOS is based on the use of workshops as an coordination instrument for both, the social aspects of community building, as far as reaching consensus and contributing to the tactical goal, and as a process to yield recommendations about meeting research needs and suggesting future directions of research in medium and long-term nanoelectronics. A condition sine qua non is the consensus needed to follow a particular methodology, which have to be agreed by the NANO-TEC consortium well before the workshop series starts. To support the access and organisation of the workshop series, especially the discussion and working groups and the documents a dedicated web-based work platform will be established, amenable to future developments and needs of the nanoelectronics community and specially the Beyond CMOS one. The suitability of this tool, as well as that of the workshops will be subjected to monitoring by following a selected set of key performance indicators as explained further in section 2 on Implementation. In order to have the desired impact, the results of the NANO-TEC activities will be disseminated to stake holders including the Commission and the academic community at large, as well as industry. It is the main target of NANO-TEC to build a long-lasting academic community, closely linked to other nanoelectronics players that can continuously discuss and make progress in contributing to the healthy development of research priorities in Beyond CMOS not only for FP8, but also after that. The vision is to ensure Europe plays a leading role in nanoelectronic systems some 15 or so years ahead, for which coordinated efforts are needed today.