NANO-TEC Work Packages

NANO-TEC has 6 Work Packages:

  • WP1: Coordination and Management
  • WP2: Web-based work platform
  • WP3: Coordination of research: ecosystem Technology and Design
  • WP4: SWOT analysis of technology-design ecosystems
  • WP5: Benchmarking
  • WP6: Dissemination

Beside the NANO-TEC workshops there are two important instruments of the projects: a web-based information platform to discuss and disseminate results and a new working group out of the ecosystems Technology and Design.
Objectives of the Web-based work platform

  • To enhance the web-visibility of validated research partners of the European Nanoelectronic technology and design research community, including researchers participating in STREPS in Nanoelectronics and Design, to stimulate clustering
  • To provide basic functionality to communicate in working groups and to disseminate results
  • To create a web-platform to allow experts to express interest and to disseminate knowledge for Nanoelectronic technologies
  • To identify interfaces to other upcoming dissemination platforms and the use of upcoming web standards like OWL, RDF, or Open-ID to disseminate information and improve its usability
  • To bridge the gap between different Working Groups through a web-based Content Management System (CMS) e.g. by creating individual discussion fora
  • To disseminate results out of the working groups to a greater community

Objectives of Coordination of research: ecosystem Technology and Design

  • To organize thematically the four workshops
  • To facilitate participation in workshops of partners involved in FP7 STREPS and other projects, like AENEAS ENIAC, in Beyond CMOS, Technology and in Design
  • To create and foster a joint TEC-DES working group to bridge the gap between technology and design innovations
  • To guide the TEC-DES Working Group that they give valuable input for SWOT analysis, Benchmarking and WSs
  • To document the finding in order to upload in the web page and pass to WP6 for dissemination