Download of a Preliminary Report of NANO-TEC-Recommendations on beforehand of Publication

Recommendations on Beyond CMOS nanoelectronics researchDear Workshop participant,

the NANO-TEC project consortia has taken the first draft report (from November 2012) comprising some recommendations on Beyond CMOS nanoelectronics research and revised it according to the discussions on it during the fourth workshop in Barcelona  (November 2012). All this has gathered in a (second) draft report.

This draft report is available here as a PDF file.

It has the purpose to provide the result of the revision of the first draft according to your input during the workshop, in order to ensure the feedback from as large a section of the nanoelectronics Beyond CMOS community, to enrich the recommendation in a way they are representative of as large a part of the community, before submitting them as a final deliverable of the project to the European Commission.

You are invited to give (a) critical comments and (b) suggestions for specific dissemination beyond the ENIAC/CATRENE, Sinano, the USA SRC, the IPWGN, etc. This can be done using our discussion forum on the preliminary report.

The document is divided into five subcategories, covering:  charge-based state variables, non-charge based state variables, new computing paradigms, ecosystem technology in Europe and progress in bridging the gap between technology and design.

Your NANO-TEc project team!