van der Molen, Sense Jan

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First Name: 
Sense Jan
Last Name: 
van der Molen
Kind of Address: 
Headquarter Address
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA
Company / Institute: 
Bio and Interests: 
After a Master work on mesoscopic physics (Groningen, Netherlands), I moved to Amsterdam for a PhD research project on a fascinating and promising system showing a metal-insulator transition, i.e. switchable mirrors made of metalhydrides. Next, I decided to broaden my view and move into the field of charge transport through single atoms and molecules. First in Groningen (Netherlands), later in Basel (Switzerland), with a special focus on switchable molecular devices. Since 2007, I have my own group in Leiden (Netherlands). Here, I have expanded my work on molecular charge transport through functional molecules. (Together with Peter Liljeroth, I have recently reviewed the worldwide research on switchable molecular devices.) In parallel, I have also started a new research effort. We operate a state-of-the-art low energy electron microscope (LEEM) and we are currently starting further research on several metal-insulator transitions, which makes me come full circle to my PhD work again.