Sudar, Nicolay

Prof. Dr.
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Moscovskiy Ave. 79 – А, off. 9Н
St. Petersburg
Russian Federation
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Sudar Nicolay Tobisovich Home address: Prospect Dunaysky, 43-1-817. St. Petersburg. 192281 Russia Phones: Work: 7(812)552-76-21 Home: 7(812)771-16-00 E-mail: Professor-Consultant of IC Design Center "Alfa-Cristal" Scientific degree:The doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Scientific rank: Professor. Scientific interests:The problem of polymer aging in the electric field (deterioration of the electrical strength properties) and elucidation of mechanisms responsible for a breakdown in polymers. The author 57 scientific publications. The basic publications: 1. V.A. Zakrevskii, N.T. Sudar, A.Zaopo and Yu.A.Dubitsy// Mechanism of electrical degradation and breakdown of insulating polymers// J. Appl. Phys. 2003. V. 93, N4. 2. V.A. Zakrevskii, N.T. Sudar// Electrical degradation of thin polymeric films// Phys. Solid State. 2005. V. 47, N, P.931-936. 3. V.A. Zakrevskii, S.V. Kuzmin, N.T. Sudar// Electrical Properties and Electrical Failure of Thin Films of Undoped Polyaniline// Polymer Science, Ser. A, 2008. V. 50. No 4. P. 411 – 416. Pedagogical work: Was supervisor the 28 degree works (bachelor of of physics and master's degree of physics) of the students. Lecture rates: 1. Physics of a Solid State 2. Electronic Structure of Molecular Solid State 3. Physics of dielectrics 4. Application of ultrasound in medicine Additional Information:Date of birth: 03.04.1953