Session 6 - MEMS

Michael GaitanDiscussion on MEMS led by Lars Hedrich
Presenter: Michael Gaitan,
MIST, Gaithemsburg, MD
Discussion on MEMS led by Lars Hedrich,
University of Frankfurt

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Michael Gaitan leads the Semiconductor and Dimensional Metrology Division’s Microelectronics Device Integration Group.  His group’s mission is to develop measurements and standards to support the rapidly growing “More than Moore” segment of the semiconductor electronics industry.  He also chairs the iNEMI and ITRS MEMS Technology Working Groups, and has just published a new MEMS chapter in the ITRS Roadmap.  Prior to becoming group leader, he established the group’s MEMS Program.  His accomplishments include developing research programs on standardized test methods for MEMS technologies, establishing a MEMS foundry service (CMOS MEMS) in partnership with MOSIS, advancing device technologies that include thermal flat panel displays, CMOS microwave power sensors, microfluidic systems for forensic DNA identification, and leading a NIST multilaboratoryresearch program on Single Molecule Measurements.  His group’s activities have been recently in the news for microrobotics competitions.  Dr. Gaitan received his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1988 from the University of Maryland, and the Department of Commerce Bronze (1993) and Silver (2002) Medals in recognition of his technical accomplishments.  He is a member of the Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi honour’s societies, and a senior member of the IEEE.  He has published over 100 archival journal papers and 10 patents.