Program of the first workshop

Thursday 20 January 2011

12.00-13.30: Registration

13.30-14.15 Welcome Cocktail and Introduction

Clivia Marfa Sotomayor Torres, Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology and Coordinator of NANO-TEC

14.15-15.10 Session 1 – Nano-Technology Trends for the Next Decade

Jeffrey Welser, SRC Nano-Electronics Research Initiative and IBM, Durham

Discussant Clivia Marfa Sotomayor Torres, ICN, Barcelona

Group Discussion

15.10-16.05 Session 2 – Carbon-based Electronics

Jeong-Sun Moon, HRL Laboratories LLC, Malibu

Discussant Jouni Ahopelto, VTT, Espoo

Group Discussion

16.05-16.30 Coffee Break

16.30-16.40: Information on ENI2, a research infrastructure for Nanoelectronics,

Livio Baldi, Micron

16.40-17.35 Session 3 – Heterogeneous Integration of Design

Doris Schmitt-Landsiedel, München University of Technology

Discussant Michel Brillouet, CEA (tbc)

Group Discussion

17.35-18.30 Session 4 - Silicon-based Electronics

Herve Jaouen, ST Microelectronics, Crolles

Discussant Wieslaw Kuzmicz, WUT, Warsaw

Group Discussion

18.30-19.10 Concluding Discussion of the Day

21.00 Social Dinner

Friday 21 January 2011
09.00-09.10 Introduction and Presentation of Today’s Agenda

Clivia Marfa Sotomayor Torres, Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology and Coordinator of NANO-TEC

09.10-10.05 Session 5 – Compound Semiconductor-based Electronics

William Stanchina, University of Pittsburg

Discussant Thomas Swahn, Chalmers University, Gotheborg

Group discussion

10.05-11.00 Session 6 – Spintronics

Sergio Valenzuela, Catalan Institute for Nanotechnology, Barcelona (tbc)

Discussant Paolo Lugli, Technische Universität München (tbc)

Group discussion Coffee break
11.30-12.25 Session 7 – The Bridge to Design

Paolo Lugli, Technische Universität München

Discussant Wolfgang Rosentiel, edacentrum GmbH, Hannover

Group discussion

12.25-13.20 Session 8 – Molecular Electronics / Quantum Computers

Göran Wendin, Chalmers (QC)

Discussant Douglas Paul. University of Glasgow (tbc)

Group discussion

13.20-14.00 Conclusions of Workshop 1 and Next Steps
14.00 Lunch