Partner: Institute of Electron Technology

Institute of Electron Technology

ITE is a major Polish R&D center with the primary focus on: semiconductor electronics and technology. The goal of the research and development activities is to provide industry and scientific communities with access to micro/nano-electronic technology. Scope of the R&D covers broad range of technologies, from silicon photo- and radiation detectors through integrated circuits up to sensor and microsystem with a special emphasize on integration of different technologies and devices. As a strongest research center in the domain in Poland and as a coordinator of few big national research consortia, two Centers of Excellence and Scientific Network, ITE, integrates around its potential interdisciplinary Polish research community involved in development and application of nanoelectronic/photonic and micro/nanosystem technology. ITE maintains an only silicon CMOS/MEMS R&D facility in Poland, with set of technological equipment located in 1200 sq.m. Clean Rooms. It makes a micro/nano-electronic technology platform available within national programs to national research communities.

Technical areas of expertise
Si detector technology, Microsystems, CMOS/MEMS/Bio integration, Simulation & modeling of electronic, thermal and mechanical phenomena in integrated (3D) systems, nanometrology.