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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

IEMN-UMR CNRS 8520 is a public research institute that gathers in a single structure the regional research in a large scientific field going from nanosciences and nanotechnology to telecom and instrumentation. Our specificity is to gather researchers having different cultures and motivations and to build a continuity of knowledge going from the fundamental problems to the applications makes our specificity today. Our staff is composed of around 450 persons including 110 professors and associate professors, 45 CNRS scientists and about 100 engineers and technicians. About hundred international researchers are working at IEMN. The heart of our activities is centred on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications in the fields of information, communication, transport and health. The scientific activities are divided into 5 major scientific areas: (i) Physics of nanostructures, (ii) Micro and nanosystems, (iii) Micro- nano- and optoelectronics, (iv) Circuits and communication systems, (v)Acoustics. Within each subject, our research policy aims to maintain equilibrium between academic oriented research aiming to new knowledge and a more applied research aiming to answer the industry needs. All these activities are performed within common technological and characterization facilities in which equipment quality is at the best European level.
Technical areas of expertise
IEMN-CNRS (IEMN): Nanostructured materials growth, nanoelectronics, carbon electronics, nanometer scale device fabrication and characterization.