Login in is not working - Password lost

Due to security, we have the policy of not sending any passwords. If you lost your password, you can request a new password whenever you like via the website.

All you need is to go to the web page: https://www.fp7-nanotec.eu/user/password, enter your email that you used for your account. You will receive an email which contains a link ot a web page where you can renew your password. The access to this page is time limited. If it is not working any more, you can repeat the procedure again.

There is often the case that people do not remember the email they have used for the registration. You will only receive an email when an account is generated by this email. Please do not generate a new account because you have then 2 identies in the web site. Furthermore each email-adress can only be used once in the system (emails must be unique).