Jiménez, Daid

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Escola d'Enginyeria, Campus UAB
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Prof. David Jiménez received the Ph.D. degree in electronics engineering from UAB in 2000. He has been an Associate Professor since 2004. He has received the Catalan Society of Technology Award in 1998 and the Rafael Campalans Award of Engineering in 2009. He was a Visiting Researcher with the Tokyo Institute of Technology; and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. His research activity is focused on compact modeling of nanoscale transistors, including multiple-gate MOSFETs, silicon nanowire transistors, and carbon-based transistors. He has published about 60 papers in journals such as Nano Letters, IEEE Electron Device Lett., IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, Nanotechnology, Appl. Phys. Lett., receiving a total of 800 citations (130 citations / year), and his H-index is 15. Remarkably, his contribution to the modeling of surrounding-gate MOSFETs has been selected as the core model to build up the BSIM-CG simulator (Cheming Hu group; S. Venugopalan et al., “BSIM-CG: a compact model of cylindrical/surrounding gate MOSFET for circuit simulations,” Solid-State Electronics, vol. 67, pp. 79-89 (2012)). More recently, his activities have expanded toward the experimental and theoretical research of new transistor concepts for low-power switching applications based on materials that exhibit negative capacitance and applications of graphene field-effect transistors for radio-frequency and analog applications. He has served as organizer of the “Trends in Nanotechnology” conference (Barcelona, 2009), the “GDR Meeting on carbon nanotubes and graphene science and applications”(Comarruga, 2009), and the Energy Efficient Electronic Technologies and Systems (Barcelona, 2011).