IMEP-LAHC The Institute of Micro-electronics, Electromagnetism and Photonics, and, the laboratory of radio-frequency characterization have merged in January 2007 to form the IMEP-LAHC laboratory, joint research unit number 5130 from CNRS, INP Grenoble, UJF Grenoble and University of Savoie. The laboratory is composed of about sixty researchers/professors, twenty engineers, technicians and administrative personnel, eighty PhD students and of twenty postdocs. It is composed of three research groups: CMNE – Components for Micro Nano Electronics CMNE group is studying the solid state devices of future electronics that will allow to push the limits of silicon microelectronics and to enrich the functionalities of integrated circuits. CMNE is combining both experimental and theoretical approaches. RFM - RF & Millimeter wave RFM group is studying the applications of microwave from RF to millimeter range, and, from material to microwave systems (antenna to elementary base). RFM expertise covers modelling, design and characterization of microwave devices. PHOTO - Photonics, THz and Opto-electronics Photo group is carrying out research activities in the area of photonics from visible to far infrared range and from devices to systems. The research activities, which are mainly experimental, also rely on electromagnetic modeling, technological developments as well as phenomenological approaches, allowing the design and fabrication of innovative devices for possible transfer to industry. IMEP-LAHC is also beneficing of four technological platforms for Physical and Electrical Characterization, Microwave, opto-microwave and Electromagnetic compatibility, Photonics characterization and Devices Fabrication.