Author(s):  Sotomayor Torres, Clivia M.; Ahopelto, Jouni; Graef, Mart; Popp, Ralf; Rosenstiel, Wolfgang;

The interaction between the design and the technology research communities working in nanoelectronics, and especially in the Beyond CMOS area, is characterised by a diversity of terminologies, modi operandi and the absence of a consensus on main priorities. We present the findings of the EU project NANO-TEC to date, in the quest to bring together these communities for the benefit of a stronger European Research Area. Through this, we present a summary of technology trends and a preliminary benchmarking analysis for a subset of these as an example of the project work. We summarise relevant design issues concerning these technologies and conclude with recommendations to bridge this design-technology gap.

Publication Date:  2012/03/13
Location of Publication:  Design Automation and test Conference (DATE)
Publication Media Title:  Proc. of the Design Automation and test Conference (DATE)
Publication Media Publisher:  EDAA
Publication ISBN/ISSN:  978-3-9810801-8-6
Publication Passage:  Session 2.8
Keyword(s):  Nanoelectronics; Semiconductors; Research/Education;
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