Baldi, Livio

Director, Technology R&D
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Director, External Relations and Funding
via C. Olivetti 2
Agrate Brianza
+39 039 6035015
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Ing. Livio Baldi was born in Tortona (Alessandria) in 1949. He graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1973 at the University of Pavia. In 1974 he joined SGS-ATES (now STMicroelectronics), in the Central R&D of Agrate Brianza, working at the development of MOS and CMOS processes. He has been responsible for the development of CMOS processes for EEPROM memories and multifunction logic. In 1999 he has been put in charge of the NVM Design Platform Development Group, with the mission to provide design tools, design methodology and libraries support to the development of stand-alone and embedded Non Volatile Memories. From 2001 to 2008 he has taken the responsibility for the coordination of cooperation research projects, and represented ST-Italy in the MEDEA+ (and afterwards CATRENE) Steering Group-Technology and in the Support Group of the European Technology Platform (ENIAC). He has acted as consultant for the Commission in the definition of Framework Programmes and he is member of the Expert Advisory Group for Theme 4 (Nanoscience, Materials and Production Technology) of FP7. From March 31st, 2008 he has moved to Numonyx, the new ST-Intel joint venture on Flash memories, in charge of External Relations and Funding in Central R&D. In 2010 Numonyx has been acquired by Micron, the second largest IC memory company. He holds 32 US patents, 17 European patents, and is author of more than 65 papers and communications to conferences
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